And this is why fashion means what it does to me…

Roisin Murphy is the bomb. F’realz. The creative process is something that fascinates me greatly. Being able to be there from the conception of an idea to the end is amazing. There are no words for it. Not even two. LOL.

I ended up in fashion by complete accident, which was a happy one, but a lot of things have changed since I got into it. I also pretty much hate my current job, because I don’t feel at all stimulated, I’m treated like crap, and I get snide comments thrown at me left, right and centre.

My dream is to work for myself, and become financially independant. Today my beau read my palm, and pointed out that all the lines intersecting my wealth line are things that will interfere and try take it away from me. And no he’s not a gyp.

But my loved ones have been so sweet to me, they know I hate my position in life at the moment, but they always push me to do more, and I probably do work harder than anyone else I know. It’s finding what first drew me to fashion. But at present I feel that I’m going to get pigeon holed into if I don’t break out of my current rut.

So this is what this blog is about really. Where I get to actually write again, I am a writer, I’ve been writing for years, and I’m constantly improving. Well I was. Now I feel like I’m becoming thick, I keep forgetting how to spell things and everything I write sounds trite.

Saddle up my white horse, because I need to get back on it. What’s most important is that I need to have faith in myself.


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