Glasses, Alexander Wang AND Opening Ceremony. 2010, what are you doing to me?

Yes ridiculously overpriced, but all I want to do is poke the lenses out and put my prescription ones in. The top wayfarer style-y ones are my favourite. Pointy fashion just worries me. It hurts.

I’m known for my glasses wearing, because I’m blind as a bat. I rejoice and sneer simultaneously however at glasses being a fashionable accessory, because people who wear them with clear lenses in them just need to be pushed into a drain and told: “NOW YOU SEE WHAT IT’S LIKE TO SLIP AND LOSE YOUR FOOTING COS YOU CAN’T SEE!!!!”

Anyway I like wearing my glasses. My beau begs to differ. He can be quiet, he has beautiful green eyes while mine are the colour of the bottom of a paint pot in a year 4 class in an inner-city primary school. Red uniform.


Perhaps I should just customise a pair of random frames. I do have a Bejeweler. And some gold spray paint left.

You can purchase at Opening Ceremony online, or just go down to Howard & Crosby if you’re in NY. I’m still confused to why there’s no Opening Ceremony stand-alone store in London.


Images: Refinery29


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