“Important blogger? Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

Anyone can be a writer these days. I’m not gonna go on how blogs, Twitter and everything else has ‘revolutionised’ or ‘dumbed down’ the writing sphere. Anyone can call themselves a writer – it is true. How do you judge the worth of a writer? Whether you’ve had something published? I’ve had pieces published. But what of it, if no-one reads it?

My biggest coup to date is being published in Time Out, 3 weeks in a row. But they were small pieces, in a corner, I doubt anyone would have read them. But I’m still proud of it – because I’m on the up, I hope.

Blogging is, however, a great way to put yourself out there to the whole global community. However I think it should be your starting off point, diving board you are WordPress. Look at Ta’Vi, Scott Schuman (although his is a photo blog) and Susie Bubble, they have avid followers from around the world. However do people follow them because they genuinely are interested in what they post – or because everyone else does it? Same with books, magazines, popular music, fashions…

Anyway the post title is a line from this weeks’ “Bones” – David Boreanaz is sexier in it than he was in Angel, no lie. Didn’t think it was possible eh? At least as an FBI agent he can age, and damn does he age WELL.

Agent Seeley Booth in ‘Bones’



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