Gelato University: A worthwhile place to study

Forget Oxbridge bled, Gelato University is where it’s at. How many other universities can guarantee a job at the end of your degree?

Forget the dissertation – this looks like a more worthwhile final project.

An Italian ice cream “university” says the recession has caused a surge in the number of students wanting to learn how to make gelato.

Bosses from ‘Gelato University’ claim there has been a 90 percent rise in the number of enrolments for their ice cream making courses.

And many of the new recruits are said to be former high-flying executives who have been laid off during the recession and want to go into the gelato business.

On the course, students learn all about the famous ice cream including how to mix the perfect flavours and source the best fruit and other ingredients.

Obviously the problem is that once their partners find out they can make great gelato they are never going to let them out of the kitchen for long enough to get another job.

Everyone always wants ice cream – SPSS skills will only get you so far. Well that was a waste of three years..

via: news:lite


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One response to “Gelato University: A worthwhile place to study

  1. Forget MBAs, I wanna find me a gelato grad. So much more lucrative, yeah? Everyone loves gelatos but not everyone’s gonna love Apple stock forevs.

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