At present, I have been feeling quite uninspired. Like I’m floating around like a mote of dust. Whether I’m visible or not is depending whether I fall into the path of a ray of sunlight. I think I have. I’m not sure. I don’t feel as shit as I did last week. But I’m feeling pretty crappy.

I think I’m a writer. Or, I hope I’m a writer. When I doubt myself, people tell me that they love what I write. Which is always nice. Except it’s always people I know. Even when people say they’re always brutally honest, you don’t kick a person when they’re down usually. I appreciate the support I do. It’s just sometimes I feel stuck.

But when a stranger reads something you write and comments on how they always come back to read it, and they’re not lying cos of blog stats, it feels very nice indeed.

I wrote a post on Cipher a while ago, which is a sneaker brand for esper. And so many people told me how much they enjoyed it. And Cipher themselves sent me a very nice email and its under their press section. Granted any press is good press, but still, it brightened my day. And my posts always have the most hits under the stats. Old ones, from when I first started blogging for them.

I haven’t felt like writing much for esper anymore, because I felt that my time there was past. But I do enjoy blogging on it. And also I have been occupied. And just thinking about it – why would I shoot myself in the foot – it’s still a medium for me to put my work out there. And it allows me a different slant to my writing.

My published work in the print format is always more carefully checked, worded, edited heavily, but it still comes from the same place.

If you like my swagga, holla at Two Words for my insulting take on everything, esper for throwing the joy of random fashion/music/art/lifestyle/glow in the dark underwear your way, and course this one, for my musings, keeping up to date on what I’m up to, my work, my despairing and pretty pictures.

Or not, you know. Whatever.


Btw, that spelling mistake on Cipher isn’t my fault.


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  1. txg

    have you gone to gail’s in hampstead or the nat portrait gallery or something yet? get out there and write girl! or become a bartender, that would be fun.

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