One Million Giraffes: Giraffes in the Ghetto

So this guy from Norway wants people to draw giraffes and send them to him. He wants to collect one million by 2011, and he’s already got over 500, 000.

Rules: Your giraffe(s) can be created in any way and form, but not on a computer. Anyone can submit, and the rules are simple: nothing store bought, and nothing done on a computer, or with the aide of a computer.

But wai you say? In his FAQ he says:

So, if you think this is only about reaching a million you’ve kind of missed the point of the project. It doesn’t matter if I make to a million. I really, really want to, and I’m still working towards that goal, but at this point it’s just fun to see people all over the world turning off their TVs, putting their computers away and sitting down to drawing giraffes. Old school style. People spend too much time being digital. They should try be analog, being human and creating something real for a change. Most people love it when they try it. I get emails from people all over the world saying that they’ve rediscovered drawing! Families are sitting down in the living room and acting like families. I have hundred of emails from mums and dads saying that they sat down with their kids and had a blast drawing giraffes. People are actually having giraffe parties! Do you realize how cool that is? Please join in on the fun.
It’s just a silly giraffe drawing, not a big deal at all!

I love it. So I sat down and pulled out my colouring pencils. And I drew a picture. Granted it’s done in my weird Sabrina style and isn’t very good, but it was so nice just sitting and chilling and creating something. And it made me very happy. Perhaps I’ll draw some more stuff soon. It was very inspiring to just get off my computer and sit and concentrate on something.


Yeah I know it’s fucking weird. Colours may come out a bit funny because I had to auto contrast it so the detail could be shown. Holla.


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