LFW Day 1 – Fri 19th Feb – Being stalked by Nicola Roberts

Arriving nice and early at Somerset House (ok 12.30) – Got my pass and waited for Pel, who was late so I had to go register for her. Psht. I had fast track while she failed at life.

Prophetik started a half hour late, but I forgive the organisers because they gave great swag. Since it’s a sustainable brand they gave lots of cool eco stuff, except for the Griffin AirCurve speaker, I assume that was given because it doesn’t use power. But raw chocolates (disgusting), emerald EcoSilk bag, Purge Organic Liquid Soap and Shampoo, and SexWax (not what you think, it’s for your surf board). BODYAMR was amazing, very annoyed that I didn’t see Katy Perry, but I read out a tweet from Times London that said Rachel Stevens was there, a girl in the front row turned around and said “HI!”

Twas mortified, and speechless. So I said I like her hair. Also I think Nicola Roberts was following me, from BODYAMR to Jena Theo. BODYAMR only gave Evian as a freebie?? That’s rubbish, you can get free Evian at Somerset House.

I’m so glad I saw BODYAMR and Jena Theo, they were incredible. Jena Theo made me cry, well at least be teary eyed, mainly because I loved the show, but also because I was in the tent at Somerset House at LFW, which is something I’d dreamed about for so long but never thought it’d happen. Sad to you it seems, but it meant a lot to me. Jena Theo gave a MAC Lipglass, which I’m not keen on, so I’ll probs give it away.

The last show gave a lot of random stuff, but good stuff. Probably the best bit was the Dermalogica hand cream (blup blup), also random Collection 2000 eyeliners, Garnier wrinkle cream, Fiji water (which is sexual by the by) and some random energy drink. There was also jewellery but I didn’t get any, which was good, because it was rank. The hostess annoyed me after a while, because I clapped first, she started focusing on me. Why can’t I be inconspicuous? I wasn’t trying not to bed. Then she pretty much called me an alky, by saying I’d like the after show party with the free bar. I had ONE DRINK, which I didn’t finish. Jeez Louise. Oh yes and a nail file.

I also got a mini bottle of Chambord, it is tick.

Freebie Count: Very Good
Celeb Watch: Nicola Roberts, Katy Perry (kind of), Rachel Stevens, Sonique and Colin McDowell.

It was absolutely freezing, meaning I was swathed in many layers. However,

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