Last night at Pierre Garroudi

He designs the crazy hair pieces too. LOVE it.



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13 responses to “Last night at Pierre Garroudi

  1. txg

    i want to see wigs make a comeback

  2. sarah mei

    Hya, the wigs were HUGE weren’t they?! Mine was relatively normal compared to some. I’m the model on the far right of your pic. Did you get any more shots last night?
    Mei x

  3. The collection looks great, we sent our raspberry red velvet chocolates to this event, did you get a chance to try any of them? All made with fresh natural ingredients, we hoped you liked them.

  4. Amy

    I thought the collection was fantastic. I worked as an intern for him and it was great to see the clothes finally on catwalk. And the wigs were magnificent.

    • lucy

      Hi amy, I was just wondering what is was like working for pierre gauroudi, I’ve been considering working for him and was wondering if you could tell me what is was like, what days and hours you worked and did you enjoy and benefit from it? Thanks, lucy x

  5. goonermichael

    I did the big hairpeices and had a great time

  6. what did you guys think of the collection overall? i think it was quite inspiring seeing a bold all red collection!

  7. oh and btw what your name ‘goonermichael’? The wigs really were fantastic!

  8. Hey guys, my official show report is here with more photos:


    Sabrina 🙂

  9. I have lots more images from the show on my blog too including backstage shots and makeup shots.

    kisses! Hugh

  10. goonermichael

    Thanks Jessie. goonermichael is my name on a football website. The celebrity model was Sophie Anderton.

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