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Yo baby yo, hey you come here give me a kiss.

Please don’t.

I have finally purchased a domain and I’m setting up my new website. My blog is also migrating over… so bear with me until I get it all up and running.



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I tried not to like it, but it’s so HARD!

The video aesthetic is appealing to me greatly.

(PS. Who likes my title pun? Wasn’t even intentional)

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Diet Coke cans are a viable alternative to rollers

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Alexander McQueen AW2010

One of my¬† favourite piece from Alexander McQueen’s final collection *sighs*

I love the shoes.

via: Vogue UK

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The Cat in the Hat

I went to see ‘The Cat in the Hat’ on my birthday, and I wasn’t the oldest person in the audience without a child for once, haha. Wish I could have taken some proper pictures, the colours were so vibrant and rich, and the costume and prop design was incredible. I’d love to do a Dr Seuss themed shoot.

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