Tell me about it…stud

Courtesy of Rankin Live

I’m Sabrina. I’m known for my abundance of imagination, lack of money and abstract thought. I write, I style, I provide creative direction. HOLLA!

I’ve worked for free for so long I don’t know what it’s like to be paid anymore… but I was previously fashion editor of esper magazine, worked in editorials for Time Out, and had a stint at Wallpaper* magazine. Prior to that I worked as a science writer and worked for the Royal Society, but I started out with music and gig reviews.

If you’ve got an idea or you’d like to collab or work with me, that could be very exciting. I’m always looking for creative people to work with, and make something crazy and beautiful with. Drop me a comment below to say hello, and I will always reply.

Header Image: Copyright of Daniel Muhindi.


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