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LFW and other news

Got my registration through yday for LFW, yeah boi!

So now to sort out the other members of my entourage, which will also be blogging away for me as well. Nice one.

In other news, I no longer work for that hell hole that is referred to as Wallpaper* magazine. I got fireeeeeeeed. Which was jokes but also rude too. I didn’t suck up enough, expect a longer post on that soon!

I am now back to freelance and freeeeeee as a bird. Feels SO good.

It just surprises me how unprofessional people can be… even in well known publications… and some others. Some people need to put their personal feelings aside.




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And this is why fashion means what it does to me…

Roisin Murphy is the bomb. F’realz. The creative process is something that fascinates me greatly. Being able to be there from the conception of an idea to the end is amazing. There are no words for it. Not even two. LOL.

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