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Test Shoot Photos II



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Test Shoot Photos I

Getting some of the photos back of the test shoot I did a few weeks back. Not too jazzed about the ones I have so far.. but awaiting more. This is probably my favourite so far.

I styled the  coat shorter in this one, to see how it’d look. Think it went down quite well.

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At present, I have been feeling quite uninspired. Like I’m floating around like a mote of dust. Whether I’m visible or not is depending whether I fall into the path of a ray of sunlight. I think I have. I’m not sure. I don’t feel as shit as I did last week. But I’m feeling pretty crappy.

I think I’m a writer. Or, I hope I’m a writer. When I doubt myself, people tell me that they love what I write. Which is always nice. Except it’s always people I know. Even when people say they’re always brutally honest, you don’t kick a person when they’re down usually. I appreciate the support I do. It’s just sometimes I feel stuck.

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Test Shoot at Waterloo

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Yo Columbia – I hope that you like that I put down Rei Kawabuko

Today I had my writing test for my Journalism MS application to Columbia for Fall 2010 entry. I probably have failed miserably, because it’s one of those tests that have no right or wrong answer. But I fail hardcore at logical shit. So even though it’s open ended – I just jumped way out of the acceptable box and just pwned my chances probs.

I applied for the Digital Media concentration, because that’s the future baby. And also I’ve been working with Digital Media for a while and I like it. Although I do have a soft spot in my heart for print, always. There’s just something about the sheen of a fresh new magazine, or the smell of a newspaper that leaves your hands all inky.

One of the questions that they asked was to name who the ten most influential people of the 20th century. How ambigious. 10 most important to me, or who they want us to put down. Such a conundrum. For some reason I put down Disraeli, which just proves how much attention I paid in History.

One of the people I did list was Rei Kawabuko, Comme Des Garcons designer and founder. She is definitely one of the most influential people in fashion, and has definitely shaped the way fashion has changed over the past two decades. I was thinking to put down Coco Chanel as well, which I should have, but I tried to give a wide variety of different people. Or perhaps I should have put down Coco Chanel. It’s more expected.


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That’s a sexy header – but it is not I!

It is Anna-Mi, a good friend of mine, and someone I styled and shot (not with a gun) for a feature and up and coming people’s in 2010. Unfortunately.. it now looks like it won’t be used.

It was shot by the talented Daniel Muhindi, his website is listed in my ‘Phriends’ section on the side, and that was the first time we worked together – but hopefully not the last!

Check out his site for the rest of his portfolio. I’ll have you know, he’s kind of a big deal.

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