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LFW Day 2: Running into Alex Zane – SORRY. “George Lamb”

Day 2 was just a crazy whirlwind. Hit 4 shows, and I think my official show reports have waxed lyrical to a RIDICULOUS but justified extent.

Also I ran into George Lamb again, and this time I knew who he was, unfortunately. I met him at the Wallpaper Design Awards 2010 where I mistook him for Alex Zane, then asked him if he was sure. He’s an annoying git anyway.

At the end of the day after all the shows, I went to see Anna-Mi dance at Shunt, and she was magnificent, not that I expect any less. She also performed at Alexandra Groover’s show – await the report there my dears. I’m off to get ready for a day of more shows.

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That’s a sexy header – but it is not I!

It is Anna-Mi, a good friend of mine, and someone I styled and shot (not with a gun) for a feature and up and coming people’s in 2010. Unfortunately.. it now looks like it won’t be used.

It was shot by the talented Daniel Muhindi, his website is listed in my ‘Phriends’ section on the side, and that was the first time we worked together – but hopefully not the last!

Check out his site for the rest of his portfolio. I’ll have you know, he’s kind of a big deal.

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