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Wrangler Blue Bell SS10

Wrangler Bluebell

The tune on the film is awesome. I’m skanking as you read.

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“Damian Collins, a fashion stylist, recommended a Nike style called the Blazer, which cost £60. “

This is the context of the above quote:

Although the price tag may put off all but the most well-off fashion connoisseurs there are also some cheaper options for those on a budget, but still hoping to join the trainer craze.

Damian Collins, a fashion stylist, recommended a Nike style called the Blazer, which cost £60.

When I Google Damian Collins .. this comes up:

Damian Collins – Conservative Candidate for Folkestone & Hythe

Ok… mate. Who is this random fashion stylist that The Telegraph have got wittering on about creps? People been wearing Blazers for years. I been wearing Blazers for years! 14 year olds been wearing Blazers for years!

Trainer craze my buttocks… creps have always been cool bruv, they just tryna bring them more back in ‘mainstream’ as an alternative to heels. There is no alternative to heels. Just as there is no alternative to a pair of kick ass creps. Jimmy Choo trainers….aiyiii. Just. Say. No.

They always been there, you just need to open your eyes.

I do love the studded Christian Louboutin pair though…

via: Telegraph, Times

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Yo Columbia – I hope that you like that I put down Rei Kawabuko

Today I had my writing test for my Journalism MS application to Columbia for Fall 2010 entry. I probably have failed miserably, because it’s one of those tests that have no right or wrong answer. But I fail hardcore at logical shit. So even though it’s open ended – I just jumped way out of the acceptable box and just pwned my chances probs.

I applied for the Digital Media concentration, because that’s the future baby. And also I’ve been working with Digital Media for a while and I like it. Although I do have a soft spot in my heart for print, always. There’s just something about the sheen of a fresh new magazine, or the smell of a newspaper that leaves your hands all inky.

One of the questions that they asked was to name who the ten most influential people of the 20th century. How ambigious. 10 most important to me, or who they want us to put down. Such a conundrum. For some reason I put down Disraeli, which just proves how much attention I paid in History.

One of the people I did list was Rei Kawabuko, Comme Des Garcons designer and founder. She is definitely one of the most influential people in fashion, and has definitely shaped the way fashion has changed over the past two decades. I was thinking to put down Coco Chanel as well, which I should have, but I tried to give a wide variety of different people. Or perhaps I should have put down Coco Chanel. It’s more expected.


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Glasses, Alexander Wang AND Opening Ceremony. 2010, what are you doing to me?

Yes ridiculously overpriced, but all I want to do is poke the lenses out and put my prescription ones in. The top wayfarer style-y ones are my favourite. Pointy fashion just worries me. It hurts.

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American cousins, you must be truly green with envy.

The pun wasn’t that hard to create, but I think it’s not too shabby considering I just thought of it.


I saw this mentioned in the Sunday Times Style a couple weeks ago, and I wanted it so bad. You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for a deep green polish. I have one from Barry M, and it’s a fail. Sorry Barry, I love Barry M nail colours usually, being cheap, and having sexy colours but alas it was not to be.

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And this is why fashion means what it does to me…

Roisin Murphy is the bomb. F’realz. The creative process is something that fascinates me greatly. Being able to be there from the conception of an idea to the end is amazing. There are no words for it. Not even two. LOL.

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